Welcome to the wonderful world of pre-recorded music.

We hope you will enjoy many moments of approved listening using your new player.

But before you put that potential copyright-infringing device into your deck, remember the DOs and DON'Ts.

Making copies is for professionals, not consumers.

Our artists are happy to perform for you...

But home taping hurts them.

The more you record, the more pain you cause.

Wouldn't you rather keep your favourite bands happy?

Here's how.

Remember, recording broadcasts is not allowed.

Anyone who tries faces stiff penalties.

Playing pre-recorded cassettes from an open vehicle is not allowed if others are within earshot...

You may be encouraging music piracy.

Close all windows before playing to avoid any legal liability.

Recording your own voice is allowed, as long as you perform only your own original compositions.

Recording others is allowed only with their written permission and a signed and endorsed waiver.

Listening to industry-approved pre-recorded cassettes is allowed, provided you retain the receipt. (Plugging the headphone lead into your nose is not recommended.)

Staring at the machine and watching the tape go around is also permitted.

Don't let your enthusiasm for music run wild.

A blank tape is a safe tape.

The recording industry is your friend.
We put the heat on piracy...

...wherever it occurs.

Together, we can put an end to music theft...

...and stop home tapers from killing the music.

We're always willing to listen.

And our staff are waiting for your call.

The Recording Industry: Face the Music.

A Speedysnail Production, MMIII.
Text by Rory Ewins, pics from here.