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Baobab trees in Madagascar (not edible)

While you’re waiting for something other than a bag of snails to appear on the front page, let me draw your attention to the Madagascar aid appeal. Tropical storms there in recent weeks have severely worsened food shortages caused by previous storms, drought, and the political unrest of 2002.

If you’ve ever looked in vain for some kind of tip jar or wish list on Speedysnail, please consider donating those hundreds of cents or pence to the UN World Food Programme instead, specifying Madagascar in the drop-down menu on their individual donations page. In some areas “almost 80 percent of rice fields were covered by floods”, and the Malagasy need a lot of rice.

In other Madagascar news, if you find yourself in Antananarivo this week you might want to pick up the Madagascar News, an English-language paper that’s running one of the travel pieces from this very site. There’ll be another one next week, too.

25 February 2004

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