101 Damnations

Names on emails caught by my spam filter over the past 18 months.

  1. Aboubacar Ibrahim
  2. Agnes Starks
  3. Alfred Purvis
  4. Alta Sheets
  5. Ardath Puett
  6. Arline Babcock
  7. Barrister Ego Amaka
  8. Barton Simpson
  9. Beaker G. Aggravating
  10. Benny Fink
  11. Beyal Pflughoeft
  12. Brock Pack
  13. Buford G. Wise
  14. Cabin Q. Inequality
  15. Caleb Burgos
  16. Carlo T. Cash
  17. Catalina Trujillo
  18. Cautiously L. Harrow
  19. Chi Castaneda
  20. Consolidating J. Felicia
  21. Correlates J. Chagrins
  22. Courtney Lovett
  23. Courtney Pina
  24. Crabbe G. Orient
  25. Cult A. Staffed
  26. Cupid Junction
  27. D. Download
  28. Dale Earnhardt Legacy
  29. Demetrius T. Hickman
  30. Disputation L. Murrumbidgee
  31. Dusty Dick
  32. Dwight Bird
  33. Edwina Champagne
  34. Efrain Daugherty
  35. Elizabeth Egodinma
  36. Enrolling B. Catkin
  37. Exterminated F. Headline
  38. Fijuku Hillo
  39. Georg Martin
  40. Giovanni Sheets
  41. Goldie Lacey
  42. Guadalupe I. Gibbs
  43. Hilario Costello
  44. Hobbs Bad
  45. Hobgoblin P. Palpating
  46. Hooch H. Antares
  47. Hulk Amania
  48. Ignacio A. Kilgore
  49. Interlinks G. Sludged
  50. Intermissions I. Remunerative
  51. Intimations E. Clauses
  52. Isioma Oonyema
  53. Johanna Krueger
  54. Jon Looney
  55. Jooolie Wooolie
  56. Junior Rivers
  57. Kaye Rushing
  58. Knappert Gingles
  59. Koch Seymour
  60. Kory J. Bragg
  61. Lana Posey
  62. Larry Moonter
  63. Lazaro H. McPherson
  64. Leeann Huffaker
  65. Lesley Slaughter
  66. Levi Vick
  67. Lula Horn
  68. Mandy V. Inducts
  69. Mohamed Cherry
  70. Mquina Fairiedusk
  71. Mr Kuku Elvis
  72. Norbert Early
  73. Numbers E. Thomason
  74. Olive Cherry
  75. Perrier U. Libbing
  76. Porfirio Elder
  77. Princess Jenifer Abonime
  78. Randall Quintana
  79. Refugio Toney
  80. Resonators M. Bypast
  81. Ridgepole T. Proponent
  82. Saglam Ecza Deposu
  83. Scurries D. Creoles
  84. Showplaces E. Accorded
  85. Socorro U. Garrison
  86. Sonia Bigornia
  87. Spencer Purvis
  88. Spinnaker C. Hesitating
  89. Sung Ball
  90. Syphilis V. Tincture
  91. Thad Crump
  92. Therese Witherspoon
  93. Truman Mccracken
  94. Twavlpqp Rdgk
  95. Ulysses Jimenez
  96. Vincelette Grew
  97. Whistling C. Shirks
  98. Winifred Dejesus
  99. Yasuko Partovi
  100. Ywsl Renwflhighewd
  101. Zachary Sprague
Here’s what people said about this entry.

"I have a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome named Ridgepole T. Proponent... he has a wife, you know; Sonia. Sonia BIGORNIA."

I've been collecting some of these too. Two recent favourites: 'Hovered B. Fainting' and 'Gristly S. Ayatollah'.

I like to think that Hovered and Gristly are somehow related...

Added by Paul on a Tuesday in April.

Yeah, Ridgepole was one of my faves. And 'Gristly S. Ayatollah' is genius.

I toyed with putting up the entire list of 2000+ names, but that would have diluted their impact. Still, there's a strange fascination in even the more ordinary ones when they're all in front of you at once.

Added by Rory on a Tuesday in April.

Ye gods, I forgot the work machine!

Ahmad Bingham
Ailment F. Climb
Alexis Quintana
Candace Fontenot
Clarinet S. Engagingly
Clay Kraft
Concepcion Galloway
Cordie Ofelia
Grover Cantrell
Grubbed E. Indorses
Horacio F. Camp
Impanelling G. Exuberance
Jackboot G. Somoza
Kellie F. Self
Luke Kiser
Michiko Bourdage
Mrs Dora Kazeem
Otto Ho
Overmuches R. Normalcy
Same C. Withdraw
Uppermost L. Sailing
Vaughn Herring

Added by Rory on a Tuesday in April.

Ooh, I JUST got one from "Ignitions G. Blueprints"

Added by Paul on a Friday in April.

Ooo! Oo!

'Dishrag K. Ballistics'

Added by Rory on a Friday in April.

And there we end our spam-name extravaganza, because I'm closing comments while I go away for a few days to avoid seeing 138 more.

Added by Rory on a Friday in April.