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Hiroyuki Yasuda, Many Teachers 1, Big Comics

I’ve saved my favourite for last, and for once have shown the whole dust-jacket, because the back (on the right) is as beautiful as the front (on the left). It took ages just to find the title of this volume; the publisher’s website has an English section, but it's hard to find. Here’s one of the few things about Hiroyuki Yasuda on the English-speaking web.

The artwork is fantastic: a cartoony rather than dramatic style, without being cutesy. Every page has something of visual interest, but they’re far from cluttered; he just maps out space and line so well. Proof that it doesn’t matter how many lines you draw, it’s where you put them on the page.

The story seems to follow a bunch of teachers with a giant lecherous rabbit for a headmaster who pervs on all the female staff. There’s a raven-haired beauty, and some guy who fancies her who spends half the book in a blind rage. And there’s frame after frame where I think “I wish I’d drawn that”.

I wish I’d bought more than one of his books, too. Oh well, next time.

13×18 cm, 2003, ¥505... but, like almost all of these, cost me ¥105 at Book Off.

11 July 2006

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