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Takashi Shiina, Ghost Sweeper Mikami 39, SS Comics

Let me guess—from the cover, you’re thinking this one is soft-core porn. Ha, this is nothing. It wasn’t hard to find those: they were the ones with barely-clad women on the spine, and everything showing inside except pubes, all in strangely unnerving black-and-white line art. No, this is just a titillating cover for a story of ghosts and the leggy redhead who sweeps them, Mikami. Takashi’s art is impressive, with a thin line contrasting with hefty blacks and strong detail throughout the page. Tons of demonic action here, with plenty of flames, explosions, and underwater battles. There’s some kind of skull demon with a 220V plug in his ass, and a beautiful hairy black monster with tiny arms and legs and long ears and tail. Oh, and plenty of gratuitous legginess from Mikami.

11×17.5 cm, published in 1999, ¥390; this is the last of 39 volumes, which may be why it’s so action-packed.

11 July 2006

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