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Tomonori Terada and C-SHOW, Feng Shui Master Dr. Konoha 1, Kadokawa Comics

Look, it’s not soft porn, okay? I know that plenty of manga are, and that this looks like a school uniform, but she’s a doctor. Dr Konoha, Feng Shui Master. Note the yin and yang hairclip.

I know very little about this apart from the title and names of the author and artist, but whoever C-SHOW is, I like his stuff. Lots of detail, nice use of tone throughout (not so much black here), and some funny cartoony touches in amongst the action sequences. And yes, it really does seem to be about feng shui; there’s lots of shifting furniture about with magic powers. And a giant squid landing on some guy’s head, which is the main reason I bought it. And gratuitous pics of Konoha’s unnaturally long legs.

13×18 cm, 2004, ¥580.

11 July 2006

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