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Book Off Manga 5

Fujima Takuya, Free Collars Kingdom 1, ZKC

Now this is what I think of when I think “manga”: immaculately drawn, overly cutesy pictures of giant-eyed girl-women... with cat ears and cat tails. These are, in fact, supposed to be cats: Free Collars Kingdom is about a housecat who ends up falling in with a bunch of strays and fighting in a “kitty gang-war”. These “cats” look uncannily human, apart from the ears and tails, especially when they roam all over modern-looking cities fighting and preening and posturing like humans... humans with tails sticking out of their backsides, as shown again and again in alluring full-length poses of girl cats in short dresses that just happen to be hitched up around their waists. Petophilia?

13×18 cm, 2003, ¥533.

11 July 2006

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