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Kiriko Kubo, Bucket De Gohan 2, Big Spirits Comics

While we’re on the subject of kids’ comics... Kiriko Kubo’s Bucket de Gohan is an example of animal stories drawn in a style completely unlike that of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts (to flatly contradict the page I just linked). Lots of penguins, pandas, foxes, lions and pigs that don’t do a whole lot except sit around talking—talking heads, mostly—and eating tofu soup. There’s a hysterical giraffe, too. (She’s in hysterics, that is, not hysterically funny.) It’s nice enough, in a gentle kind of way, but I’m not sure why I picked this up now, given that I can’t read the text. Possibly because of a sentimental fondness for penguins.

13×19.5 cm, 1994, ¥900 (hardback).

11 July 2006

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