before speedysnail: 1998-99

Boy, you're keen. Not satisfied with having read every page at this site and followed its fascinating history in reverse-chronological order, you still want to know what came before it? Well, okay. As you'll see, parts of it have been around awhile.

In the Beginning...
There was nothing. I'd been wanting to get involved with the web for a few years but hadn't had the opportunity; my jobs didn't revolve around it, and my Mac Colour Classic could hardly handle email, let alone the web. I'd built a few pages for others in 1996 and 1997, but my first proper chance to build something of my own came when I took over the site of my new employer. One month later...
Colour, Class and Custom makes its debut at the site of the School of Politics, ADFA, with a colour scheme and graphics to match the 1992 print version. Since the print version had an orange cover, this was a little unfortunate.
My first personal page goes online but unpublicised: Rory Ewins's Cartoon Lounge. It contains precisely three cartoons, two from the Alternative Law Journal and one (the cover) from Ralph. The design is an ultra-minimalist black Verdana on a white background.
The personal site becomes 'Rory Central', containing the Cartoon Lounge (with several more ALJ cartoons but little else), a changing photo album for the benefit of friends and relatives, and my CV. The design is still ultra-minimalist; all my creative efforts in that direction go into my day-job.
The Cartoon Lounge gets a new cartoon drawing of a red lounge as its header, which does little to improve matters. Apart from the addition of new ALJ cartoons now and then, it hardly changes for months afterwards.
The publicity page for my book Changing Their Minds first appears at the site of the School of Politics, ADFA, with a simple design on a pale blue background.
A redesign for the Changing Their Minds page, changing to a white background with an aqua-blue pattern down the left-hand side.
A redesign for Colour, Class and Custom at the ADFA site, keeping the orange colour scheme but adding new banners and improving the layout a little.
My personal pages shift to the new speedysnail site (which at the time is home only to The Stand-Up), but remain private for now. They eventually evolve into the Cartoon Lounge and Rory Central.
Colour, Class and Custom and Changing Their Minds are redesigned to give a common appearance, with white backgrounds and beach-scene headers. The Silver Jubilee of Taufa'ahau Tupou IV also debuts at the ADFA site with a similar design. They keep this appearance until they are redesigned as Rory Ewins's Pacific Islands Politics and shifted to speedysnail in April 2000.

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