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Edinburgh Photos, Part One

Rain on Waverley Bridge
Rain on Waverley Bridge. Pretty much our first view of the city.

New College on the Mound
New College on the Mound. Part of the University of Edinburgh, uphill from where I work.

View from the Mound
The view from the Mound. Bottom left is the National Gallery; in the background is Princes Street; the black gothic rocketship is the Scott Monument.

Thistle Chapel, St Giles Cathedral
Thistle Chapel, St Giles Cathedral. Edinburgh's main cathedral, on the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle, seen from the Haymarket to the south.

2001 Military Tattoo
The 2001 Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, Friday 24 August.

A stern warning on a house in Stockbridge, north of the city centre.

Local taxi
A local taxi advertising the sort of company that thinks pink tartan is an inducement to buy.

Haggis at a butcher's
A butcher selling 'probably the finest [haggis] in Scotland'.

Lloyd's Bank
Noble Scottish sentiment from a local Lloyd's Bank.