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Edinburgh Photos, Part Three

Paterson's Land
Paterson's Land, Moray House, off the Royal Mile—where I work.

Royal MileRoyal Mile
Downhill on the Royal Mile.

West Parliament Square
West Parliament Square on the Royal Mile: it's ankle-twistin' fun.

Holyrood PalaceBank of Scotland
Left: IRS shield—that's Iames Rex Scotia, not Internal Revenue Service—at Holyrood Palace. Right: Bank of Scotland, the Mound, seen from across the Royal Mile.

Scouts in kilts, lining up for the Tattoo in August.

Queuing for the Edinburgh Tattoo down the Royal Mile. The unusual spire is St Giles Cathedral; note also the Fringe banner.

Tattoo dancers
Edinburgh Tattoo dancers bring back disturbing memories of ballroom dancing lessons at high school.

Sunset over Edinburgh Castle.