Grinding Noises

Named for an item description at a computer auction ("makes grinding noises"), these columns first appeared from 1999 to 2001. Most of them joke about IT issues, but some are more serious. You can find more on the subject in the Speedysnail Archives.

Web Standards

A Web Standards Fairy-Tale
Web Standards Politics

IT and IP

On Copyright
Book Typesetting Licenses
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
I've Got the Music in Me
The Spirit of Generosity

Doktor Komputor

Herr Doktor has moved

The Creative Web

Albums, Not Singles
Not the Daily Report
E-Books and E-Bucks
Online Diaries

Net Censorship

This Page Should Be Censored
The Internet Age-Verification Test

Net Culture

2000 Zero Zero
Living in the '00s
Why Microsoft is Like McDonald's
Just Visiting
29 November 1999
modified 19 August 2003
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