The Cheezel Mussolini

Americans have Cheetos, but the Australian brand-name of Cheezels is so much more assonant for describing the aspirational Commandant-in-Chief. Thankfully it looks as if the debates will be his undoing, but it’s horrifying that it’s got this close.

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That Was the Month That Wasn’t

August and September have been far too busy to pay proper attention to this blogging-for-nobody lark, but I want to give this second sidebar photo from a week’s holiday in Denmark an outing, so here are some links. (Denmark was good fun. I plan to put some more photos together eventually, but I remember saying that a few too many times over recent years after trips away. Whither Detail...)

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Under the Milky Way

Network TV in 1967 imagines the 21st century.

The king of Soviet TV commercials.

Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.

Washing machines improve school attendance.

“From a human rights perspective ... there has never been a successful Olympics.”

The late Gawker.com’s 2007 style guide.

What are the worst airports in the world?

Nicholas Carr: “The idea of the computer network as an engine of liberation is an innocent fraud.”

Laser cleaning.

Why we need darkness.

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And So to Bed

Bare life in a state of emergency.

May plans to make life harder for international students.

Battery status can be used to track you.

“Police surveillance destroyed my life.”

The NSA target a pro-democracy campaigner from Fiji.

The terrifying airport shooting that wasn’t.

Capital letters out, swearwords in.

Cycles of violence.

Himmler’s diaries.

Fears of a yellow fever epidemic.

Melting ice could expose hazardous Cold War waste.

How millions of trees brought a Midlands landscape back to life.

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Burning Down the House

Trump’s ghostwriter tells all. Trump exposes Trump. Too good to check.

Trump and Putin, in a tree. “Putin could not have been nicer.” Putin’s trolls are posing as Trump supporters.

Why Trump’s supporters think he’ll win. Republican Party burns down one last institution: itself. How American politics became so ineffective.

The real reason that so many Americans hate Hillary. A plea for reason. How a Hillary Clinton presidency could transform America.

Melania Trump stumbles upon dozens of her husband’s haunting, macabre self-portraits.

Our kids are watching, Donald.

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Motivational Mumbo-Jumbo

Brexit blues. “The cod-psychology of self-help and motivational mumbo-jumbo has seeped into the Brexit debate.” Brexiteers are becoming ever more incoherent—could it be they don’t know their own minds? “If this money doesn’t go to the NHS, I will go mad.”

Like it or not, Europe has a say on how Brexit will happen. The EU should offer Britain a binary choice. Liam Fox’s department entertains leaving the single market for the WTO wilderness. Losing single market membership would cost the UK £75 billion. Brexit could see the whole of Whitehall grinding to a halt under its own weight.

Upset by Brexit, some British Jews look to Germany. Delighted by Brexit, Nigel Farage looks to Germany.

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Mechanical Mirrors

Little fluffy clouds. Greenland just lost a trillion tons of ice. Sections of the Great Barrier Reef are suffering “complete ecosystem collapse”. Planned obsolescence is coming to LED bulbs. For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for lifetime.

The rise of Theresa May and the decline of British politics. Brexit minister David Davis seems to think the Republic of Ireland is part of the UK. UK scientists speak about Brexit pain. The UK economy is shrinking at its fastest rate since 2009. If only everyone in Britain had watched this before the referendum.

The haters and losers who drove Donald Trump to the nomination. Hillary Clinton is running against Vladimir Putin. Trump’s convention speech rings terrifying historical alarm bells.

The nationalism that’s been unleashed in Turkey. 15,000 education workers purged. We cannot ignore the purge that is now under way.

The man who killed TTIP.

Daniel Rozin’s mechanical mirrors.

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The Unspeakable Underwaist

One of the best pieces on Hillary Clinton I’ve read in 24 years of reading about her.

Researching video games puts academics at risk.

How studying Shakespeare helped shape Germaine Greer’s masterpiece.

The unexpected effects of masking gender in technical interviews.

An impressive Somme tribute.

All mangroves must die.

Famous landmarks photographed from the wrong direction.

Lost animations.

ClickHole nails US regional dialects with one simple question.

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May Week Was in July

My gift from Open Rights Group for supporting their campaign against the Snoopers’ Charter now has even more ominous overtones. The eyes really follow you around the chatroom...

Mona Theresa mousemat

Theresa May: unpredictable, moralistic and heading to No 10.

May often demands the scientifically impossible.

David Cameron’s premiership is a tragedy for which we will all pay.

Composers have a field day with Cameron’s resignation song.

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Brexit Case

Comments on Brexit from A. C. Grayling, Ian McEwan, Nick Clegg and many more.

From before the vote: England’s post-imperial stress disorder. Brexit will end in English self-rule.

How immigration came to haunt Labour. The rejection of migration from Eastern Europe is personal. Did the referendum spark a surge in hate crimes? The police say so.

The inside story of a doomed campaign. A coup by one set of public schoolboys against another.

The prospect of Brexit Britain turning into a post-global disaster zone is real.

Whatever you do, don’t become us, Swiss academics warned. Whoops.

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My Eyes Like Nothing in the Sun

A poetic reflection on the man who’s done more than anyone to set back progress in my home and adopted countries, written post-EU-referendum. More than I would ever actually advocate, but it sure was cathartic to write.

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Other Links Are Available

Why don’t we stand with Turkey, like we did with Paris and Orlando?

Trauma expert lifts the lid on Australia’s detention regime.

African migrants are returning from China and telling their compatriots not to go.

How turn-taking and short gaps in conversation are universal.

Artificial sound effects have entered the Uncanny Valley.

Of Oz the Wizard.

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