Golden Hour

Union Canal

I took these photos during a walk along the Union Canal with Jane a few weekends ago, and entered the last one in the Times/Nikon Summer in the City competition. A day or two later it appeared in their daily gallery for three days in a row, and I was in with a chance of WINNING a shiny new digital camera. For the next two weeks I was haunted by the thought of being beaten in the “Weirdly Wonderful” category by an inferior or—I supposed it was possible—equally good entry. I even dreamt one night that I was a finalist in the Eurovision Song Contest, and lost. But that was okay, because Mike Oldfield was a finalist and lost too.

The results were published today... and I didn’t win. Damn.

But I see now (aha!) that I was at a cultural disadvantage: two of the winning photos, including the one in my own category, depicted clotheslines and hanging out the washing. As an Australian, I don’t associate that with summer; I didn’t even own a drier until I moved to Edinburgh.

On the other hand, implying with my own photo that what makes summer unusual in Britain is that the sun is actually out may have been a tactical mistake.

Still, at least Mike didn’t win.

28 May 2005 · Journal

you was robbed! ROBBED! gorgeous photos

(still cracking up at 2nd last sentence :)

Added by shauna on 28 May 2005.

Ya know, "Innocent" could've been a contender!

Added by Graham on 29 May 2005.

I don’t mean to be vulgar, but I see album cover art!

Added by Dom on 30 May 2005.

They are lovely. I'd love to know how they were taken.

As a lifelong Edinburgensian I'd usually take issue with that second last sentence, but as I look out at the rain I just can't.

Added by Kirsten on 1 June 2005.

Using a four-year-old Canon Ixus V, Kirsten—2.1 megapixels, nothing fancy anymore. That’s why I fancied winning a new one!

Added by Rory on 1 June 2005.