Business as Usual

Central Edinburgh is eerily quiet today. Some photos of the day after the day after—or the day before the day before.

Update, same evening: Trying to get to the shops on Princes Street before close of business was a waste of time, because apparently there was a protest in the afternoon, and the riot police were still being shipped in at 5.30. Apart from the police and a noisy few, though, the only people in evidence were onlookers; even the riot was quiet.

4 July 2005 · Events

In High school I could never remember how to spell "business", until Mr Martin told me that all money was made on a "bus" in a "sin" full manner on Loch "ness"! Well it worked for me, never spelt it wrong since!

Added by Boates on 4 July 2005.

I wonder if he was the one who got me thinking “Tom or row”...

Added by Rory on 5 July 2005.