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Eiji Ohtsuka and Housui Yamazaki, Kurosagi Delivery Service of Corpse 1 & 2, Kadokawa Comics

These two I wondered whether to buy, they’re that graphic; but they were so distinctive, and distinct from each other in content, that I ended up buying both. If the title isn’t enough of a clue, Kurosagi follows the exploits of a “corpse delivery” service set up by five 20-somethings whose job is to free the souls of the dead. The artwork is less “manga-style” than most—no giant eyes here—and the clean, clinical line suits the horror/thriller subject matter well. But the horror scenes are really horrific; they don’t muck around. Blood everywhere, no less gory for being in black and white.

This is one of the few titles I picked up that turns out to have an English release: the first volume comes out next week. There’s a live-action movie coming next year, too.

12.5×18 cm, 2002, ¥580.

11 July 2006

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