Definitely Limericks: Ci-Ck

The ciliary ganglion sits
At the back of the eye-socket—it’s
Like a relay that serves
Eyeball muscular nerves
And some other misc. optical bits.

What to frame, and how much to expose;
Which particular sets to disclose;
When to pan or to zoom
To make sense of a room:
What a cinematographer knows.

A circle is perfectly round,
With no corner or break to be found:
As a consequence, great
As a shape for a plate—
Makes ’em easy to roll on the ground.

All the words that we prefix with “circum-”
Have a round/about, what is it, quirk, um,
In meaning, that is,
To be circum- — gee whiz! —
Is it “locutory”? (See why I shirk ’em?)

The citizen’s role is to vote,
To sing anthems from first to last note,
And to carry out deeds
The community needs,
Though the odds of all that are remote.

Life in a really big city
Is urban and streetwise and gritty;
You’re never quite sure
If a mugging’s in store,
But at least the reporters are witty.

The eyes of its freshers are gleaming,
The faces of graduates, beaming,
As the life of each don
Here in Oxford goes on:
This city inspires much dreaming.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease kills the brain
By destroying its nerve cells; complain
Of dementia, and you
Could have CJD too!
Either that, or you’re simply insane.

CKD, chronic kidney disease,
Brings a sufferer lifelong unease.
“Will my kidneys give out?”
Is the nub of his doubt,
Brought to mind every time that he pees.

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